February 06, 2004 01:48 PM

NAVY Seal Rudy Boesch is now the second castaway to be booted off “Survivor: All-Stars,” having been given the boot by his quickly dwindling Saboga tribe members on Thursday night’s installment of “Survivor: All-Stars.”

Granted, the 75-year-old was showing his age for the first time, so his banishment was not that difficult to foresee, despite some suggestions that that the exit visa might have gone to soccer-playing “Survivor: Africa” champ Ethan Zohn.

At vote time, “Pearl Islands” survivor Rupert Boneham was the only one to turn on Ethan. As for Rudy’s reaction, he admitted he’s now “three years slower” than he was before.

In other moments, “Outback” vet Jerri Manthey showed that she’s sharpened her claws since her first outing, while Jenna Lewis (another contestant from the original version of the show) singed off her eyebrows when she leaned too close into the much-needed Saboga campfire.

True to form, original “Survivor” winner Richard Hatch, now with the Mogo Mogo tribe, didn’t wear a single stitch of clothing (CBS digitalizes out his privates, though the rest of him isn’t exactly a feast for the eyes).

As Colby Donaldson, the Texas cowboy from “Outback,” he mused for the camera in Thursday’s episode: “We’ve got this overweight, naked, gay man walking around and no one seems to let it bother us.” Talk about surviving.

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