Australian teen Feliks Zemdegs defends in record time

By Kristen Caires
Updated July 27, 2015 04:30 PM

Those frustrating Rubik’s cube puzzles have taken a back seat to video games and smart phones in recent years, but Feliks Zemdegs, 19, is serving as a reminder of just how entertaining the hand-held game can be – and just how entertaining it is to watch him solve one!

The Australian teen recently participated in the Rubik’s Cube World Championship in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and defended his world title by solving his set of puzzles in an average of 7.56 seconds – his fastest “speed cubing” triumph clocked in at 5.6 seconds.

The geometric genius studied the cube for a moment before starting the timer. After a blur of fingers and colors, a perfectly-aligned Rubik’s cube emerged. Zemdegs dropped the puzzle, crossed his arms and smirked like a boss.