Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones are to be married by a man once described by Princess Diana as “that bloody bishop,” reports Britain’s Daily Mail. The Bishop of Norwich, the Right Reverend Peter Nott, has been chosen to conduct the wedding instead of the Archbishop of Canterbury, says the paper. Diana’s disparaging reference to Bishop Nott came on the notorious “Squidgygate” tape published in 1992. She said she discussed spirituality with “that bloody bishop.” In another break with tradition, the wedding will be staged at the unusual time of 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 19, at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, followed by a reception at Windsor Castle. The reason is, according to the Mirror, so that Edward’s dad can go to a farm show. “Prince Philip had promised to be the guest of honor at the (East of England Agricultural) show before the Royal Wedding date was fixed. He will have lunch on his whistle-stop tour, but his original timetable will be shortened.”

  • Camilla Parker Bowles will not be invited to the wedding. Neither will Fergie, reports the Sun tabloid. “Edward decided against inviting his former sister-in-law in case he upset the Queen and Prince Philip,” says the paper. “It would have meant Fergie sitting on the same side of the church as the Royal Family with her ex-husband Prince Andrew and daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.”
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