Royal Wedding Dress

Fashion details about Prince Edward’s upcoming royal wedding are emerging. Bride-to-be Sophie Rhys-Jones “is to ask women guests to wear evening dresses,” reports Britain’s Mail on Sunday. “Friends revealed that Sophie wants a ‘Continental’-style ceremony and celebration. Guests will head from St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, straight to the reception without changing their outfits. Men will be in morning dress for the ceremony on June 19, but the traditional sight of suited ladies in elaborate hats will be missing.”

  • “Having a Continental-style wedding is all the rage right now,” a friend of Sophie’s told the paper. “It’s a much friendlier way of getting married, because there is hardly a break in between the ceremony and the reception.”
  • In other news of the June event, Britain’s Sun tabloid reports that the Royal Couple will serve up a tennis-themed cake on their wedding day. “The four-foot, four-tier cake will be decorated with rackets.” And why is that? “Edward met Sophie when she organized his 1993 Real Tennis Challenge.”
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