Prince Edward plans to demand a substantial fee from TV networks to screen his June 19 wedding to Sophie Rhys-Jones, with profits to go to a new charitable trust, reports London’s Sunday Times. “And in a break from royal protocol,” says the paper, “he intends to take personal control of coverage by using his production company, Ardent, to film the ceremony.” The announcement is leaving broadcasters — who in the past have paid celebrities such as footballer David Beckham and Spice Girl Victoria Adams for permission to film their nuptials — disgruntled at the prospect of having to chip in for a Royal Wedding. A BBC source told the Times: “We might simply boycott the whole thing.” Edward reportedly hopes to deflect criticism by channeling all profits into a charitable foundation, to be controlled jointly by himself and Rhys-Jones, that will be monitored by an independent auditor. The foundation will most likely be compared to the Prince’s Trust, set up by the Prince of Wales to help young people.

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