Breaking with tradition, Prince William and Princess Kate trade the palace for her parents' house

By People Staff
August 03, 2013 10:00 AM

He was just two days old, but already the little prince had pulled off his first road trip.

Safely buckled into a rear car seat, with his adoring mum sitting beside him and his proud dad in the front, Prince George Alexander Louis made the 54-mile journey from London to his mother’s hometown of Bucklebury with such little fanfare that locals didn’t even realize he’d arrived.

“No one was out on the street to cheer or wave a flag,” says one observer, noting that beefed-up security was the only sign that not one but two future kings were in their midst.

“Everyone in Bucklebury assumed they would spend a couple of days at Kensington Palace and then come home,” says the observer. “They caught the whole village by surprise.”