"They loved each other so much," Roy's daughter, Diane Marcuccio said

By Rose Minutaglio
Updated March 29, 2016 03:10 PM

Over 50 years ago, Roy Langdon put the love he had for his wife Germaine into writing – on the wall of their Canadian home.

The heartwarming message, engraved on drywall and hidden beneath paneling, reads, “Germaine loves Roy xx 1965 March 1st.”

On Sunday, the love note, preserved in the Blezard Valley, Ontario, home for five decades, was cut out and returned to 92-year-old Roy.

” They loved each other so much,” Roy’s daughter, Diane Marcuccio, told Northernlife.ca.

Germaine and Roy married in 1949, had six children together, and remained inseparable until her death in 2006.

Rebecca Churan stumbled upon the affectionate note while renovating the home. She took a photo and posted it to her Facebook page, hoping to reach the descendants of Germaine and Roy.

“Found this in a house I’m renovating Share to find the kids/grandkids of Germaine and Ron,” Rebecca wrote on March 25.

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Roy’s oldest daughter, Claudette Leblanc, immediately connected with Rebecca when she recognized her father’s handwriting and her mother’s name, reports Northernlife.ca.

“Hello, it is my parents house! Thank you Rebecca for taking the time to share this. And yes, my dad would love it!” Claudette commented on the social media site.

Rebecca carved out the drywall love letter and hand-delivered it to Roy on Sunday.

“I was invited to their Easter dinner to surprise him honestly the best thing I have ever seen the love I could feel he had for his past wife was almost too hard to take,” wrote Rebecca on Facebook.

She added, “As weird as it is, I felt a very deep connection with this family and I’m honored I was able to deliver this little gift to you guys. I hope you guys enjoy this little piece of history #Xo.”