Updated March 13, 2003 02:34 PM

Just call it boys gone wild: “7th Heaven” stars George and Geoff Stults, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Wilmer Valderrama and Colin Hanks (son of Tom) had a harrowing experience when their 11-seater plane lost pressure during a trip home from a New Orleans Mardi Gras party, PEOPLE reports.

“We were on our way back about an hour into the flight,” says Geoff, 22, who plays Ben Kirnkik on the WB show. “There was no super-turbulence or anything. Everyone was fairly well tuckered-out from the night in New Orleans.”

Just as the actor was awakening from a short snooze (as his fellow passengers were watching a “Girls Gone Wild” video), “The piece of plastic that goes over the emergency exit went flying across the plane,” he recalls. “And then the masks dropped. So we all kind of looked at each other like ‘What the hell?’ And instantly it was hard to breathe.”

Brother George, 25, who plays Kevin Kinkirk on the show, admits he was “still trying to figure out whether I should keep my eyes on the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ video or really think about why these oxygen masks have dropped. It took everyone a minute or two … and then everyone started to grab one.”

Adds Geoff: “Basically what happened was, something malfunctioned in the auxiliary power unit and it depressurized the plane. The same thing that happened to Payne Stewart’s plane happened to ours. So if our masks hadn’t come down, we all would have thought we were just hungover and passed out again and we would have never (awakened).”

In retrospect, Geoff realizes the gravity of their situation.

“Ashton was closest to the pilot,” he says of the “That ’70s Show” star, 25, recalling how Kutcher reached up and opened the door “and both of the pilots already had their masks on. All we heard was, ‘Put them on!’ So everybody puts them on.

“George is sitting next to me and I’m like, ‘This could be it.’ All these thoughts are going through my head like, ‘This blows. My parents are going to lose both their kids. And the last girl I kissed was an ugly girl on Bourbon Street.'”