May 09, 2003 11:00 AM

Former media queen and Queen of Nice Rosie O’Donnell is trying her hand in the print medium again, reports the Associated Press.

O’Donnell, 41, whose Rosie magazine lasted for a year and a half before she and her publisher, Gruner + Jahr, began suing each other, will be a regular contributor to the gay and lesbian magazine The Advocate, says AP. Her debut column will appear in the May 13 issue.

“Today, Rosie’s long and brave journey has led her not only to the cover of the Advocate — Rosie was honored with the magazine’s Person of the Year Award for 2002 — but now to its chorus of voices, as a columnist,” said Judy Wieder, editorial director of LPI Media, the parent company that publishes The Advocate.

O’Donnell officially came out as a lesbian in March 2002, at the time she wrapped up her daily syndicated “Rosie O’Donnell Show.” Last November, her partner Kelli Carpenter gave birth to a daughter, who joins O’Donnell’s three adopted children.

O’Donnell’s first column is titled, “The Yellow,” and in it she reportedly describes how fame robbed her of her “yellow,” her term for energy and happiness.

“It started to show on my face and body. And as I became bigger and sadder — starved for yellow,” she writes. “I filled my craving with food — getting madder still with my expanding girth and with my inability to make more yellow.”

Meanwhile, O’Donnell’s and G+J’s lawsuits and countersuits continue. She had quit the magazine last year amid her claims that her editorial voice had been squelched, while the company maintained O’Donnell had breached her commitments to continue the publication, at the same time altering her public image as to bring damage to the magazine.

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