Rosie Speaks Out on 'The View'

The war of words between the View cohost and The Donald continues

The war of words between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump continues to flare, as O’Donnell made a few brief comments on Thursday’s episode of The View and posted her thoughts on her blog.

“What a fun night of viewing,” O’Donnell said on the air about the TV news coverage of her feud with the star of The Apprentice.

After Trump threatened to have some men woo O’Donnell’s companion, Kelli Carpenter, away from her, O’Donnell said on the show, “I brought Kelli here today. I was afraid to leave her at home, in case someone with a comb-over came over and stole her from me.”

As her final word on the matter, O’Donnell said her reaction to the entire situation was … and then she looked at the camera and grimaced.

As for Trump’s response to Rosie: “She’s a bully. Bullies never respond,” he told PEOPLE Thursday. Still, he said he was surprised she didn’t issue an apology.

Far from apologizing, in a new entry that went up on her personal Web site Wednesday night, O’Donnell reproduced a lengthy article from the online encyclopedia site Wikipedia about Trump’s finances – in particular, his reported 1990 business bankruptcy and his being on brink of personal bankruptcy.

The entry is to help support her claim, made on The View Wednesday, that Trump has a shaky financial past – which he has threatened to use as a basis to sue her, because, he told PEOPLE, “You can’t make false statements.” (Through all his business ups and downs, he has never personally filed for bankruptcy.)

In her posting, O’Donnell adds in her blog’s haiku style: “loving the wiki/ i use it/ do u.”

As for Trump’s threat that he’s considering sending some of his friends to go steal O’Donnell’s companion, Kelli Carpenter, away from “nice fat little Rosie,” the View cohost also writes, “i will let u know if the donald sues me/ or if kelli leaves me for one of his pals/ dont u find him charming.”

The clash between the two began when O’Donnell expressed fiery words about Trump on Wednesday’s edition of her ABC show, on which she called him a “snake-oil salesman” following Tuesday’s announcement that he would not fire troubled Miss USA Tara Conner.

After hearing about her comments, Trump fired back to PEOPLE, calling O’Donnell “a woman out of control” and saying he planned to sue her over the statements questioning his economic well-being.

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