Rosie O'Donnell Loses MSNBC Talk Show

The deal is off because she blabbed, she blogs

Rosie O’Donnell‘s TV comeback is over before it began. The former host of The View admits on her blog,, that her loose lips lead to the cancellation of negotiations for her own MSNBC show.

In her blog’s trademark verse, she writes:

we were close to a deal
almost done
i let it slip in miami
causing panic on the studio end

what can u do

2day there is no deal
my career as a pundit is over
b4 it began

An NBC executive told The New York Times that a principal hurdle had been the length of a potential contract. The network wanted a commitment of at least two years, so that it could take better advantage of the higher rates it anticipated charging advertisers, but O’Donnell would only commit to one year, like she did for The View.

O’Donnell seemed to anticipate this as a hurdle, making it clear during her Nov. 6 stand-up show that the network was getting nervous about their uncensored star. “We’re filming for an unidentified TV station, which I was told that I was not allowed to mention,” she said at the event in New York’s Lincoln Center. “They told me not to mention this possible show, and they are men in business suits. Nothing is scarier than men in business suits screaming at you over the phone.”

Still, O’Donnell insists she isn’t bitter, noting “everything happens for a reason.”

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