Rosie O'Donnell Addresses Being an 'Annoying' Celeb

The former View host shrugs off a poll that labels her the most irritating star

Rosie O’Donnell is answering up to an online poll that found her the “most annoying celebrity.”

“I, apparently, am the most annoying celebrity, according to Parade magazine,” O’Donnell, 45, states in the video blog, made while in a swimming pool with two of her four children. “Frankly, most celebrities are annoying. So, I agree, celebrities are annoying. The fact that I am one is annoying, and I suppose I am the most annoying – but, whatever.”

Nearly 2,000 Parade readers voted in the poll, with 42 percent calling the former View co-host the most irksome – followed by Paris Hilton, with 24 percent of the vote.

Speculating about why she earned the adjective, O’Donnell tells her daughter, Vivienne Rose, “Because I’m loud,” and “some people don’t like me.”

Interjects O’Donnell: “Barbra Streisand likes me, right. – The other Barbara – Walters? I think she loves me, but she won’t say that, because I hurt her feelings.”

Walters and O’Donnell parted on tenuous terms in mid-2007, when O’Donnell vacated her post as The View co-host three week’s before her first season’s contract was due to expire.

Besides O’Donnell and Hilton, Parade also named (in descending order) Ann Coulter, Heather Mills and Perez Hilton the Top 5 most annoying.

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