Rosie O’Donnell is quitting her post as pitchwoman for the Kmart discount department store chain, reports New York’s Daily News. The reason seems to be that the retail chain is a giant when it comes to the sale of guns, and Rosie, the mother of two adopted children, is a ferocious anti-gun advocate. “It’s only fair to Kmart that I stop doing commercials,” said Rosie. A rep for O’Donnell told the News that the talk show star will step up her gun-control efforts. The News also quotes sources as saying that Rosie was fired by Kmart after its executives had grown tired of the negative publicity her gun stance is bringing them. Both Rosie and Kmart deny that claim. Two of Rosie’s final Kmart commercials for the holidays will continue to run until Christmas. Her ad appearances benefit her For All Kids Foundation.