Roseanne, Simmons Square Off

Fight fans can tune in to “Roseanne” today (3 p.m. on NBC in northeastern markets) to witness her bizarre interview with the fitness fella Richard Simmons. New York’s Daily News reports that Simmons’ behavior — smooching and hugging audience members who didn’t want the attention — visibly irked Roseanne, who also was the unwilling object of Simmons’ affection. At one point he made her share a FatBurger from the famed L.A. fast-food joint, then kissed her long and hard while mayonnaise dripped from his mouth, the News said. Simmons also called Roseanne’s children overweight, a comment which led Roseanne to demand to know if Simmons thought fat people were lazy. Simmons reportedly asked Roseanne to pull the show. We’ll see.

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