Roseanne on No-Doz

Roseanne competing with Conan? Sort of. Her struggling daytime talk show has been assigned by several TV stations to start when most of the intended audience is asleep: 1 a.m. in Phoenix, midnight in Denver, 1:05 a.m. in Minneapolis (after an informercial). Other stations have dumped Roseanne entirely. Entering its second year, “The Roseanne Show” is fighting for its life. Roseanne herself is not talking about the situation, but her executive producer, Jeff Wald, isn’t being press-shy. He said the show’s recent cancellation by 11 NBC-owned stations was an attempt to strong-arm Roseanne into quitting. “I don’t like bullies,” said Wald (who has been accused of being a bully himself, especially when he managed his then-wife, singer Helen Reddy), “and I think they’re trying to bully her.”

  • In other TV news, the New York Post reports that Caroline Rhea, who plays kooky Aunt Hilda on ABC’s “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” wants to leave the hit sitcom and host her own talk show. The paper reports Rhea has already approached several distributors to discuss the proposed one-hour talkfest, which she’d like to debut in the fall of 2000.
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