Rosario Dawson Turns Heads at Comic-Con

The Sin City actress calls comic books more exciting than movies

Acting has its moments, but Rosario Dawson says making comic books might be even more fulfilling.

Dawson stopped by the huge Comic-Con convention in San Diego on Thursday to promote her own comic-book series, The Occult Crimes Taskforce, the Associated Press reports. And while she might not look the part of a comic-book geek, the sexy 27-year-old Clerks II star told the crowd that she’s hooked.

“This really is the most exciting thing I’ve been doing,” she said. “As an actor, you’re only a third of the production. With this, I get to be so much a part of all of it.”

Dawson helped develop characters and story lines for the supernatural series, set in New York. She’s also the inspiration for one character, detective Sophia Ortiz. Coming from Hollywood, Dawson says, the world of comic books has been a breath of fresh air, particularly when it comes to reviews. There’s “very intelligent criticism, which is really sorely lacking in film reviews right now,” she said.

As an actress, Dawson has worked with more than her share of comic-book junkies. Sin City was based on the graphic novels of Frank Miller, who directed the film with Robert Rodriguez. And Clerks II director Kevin Smith is a longtime Comic-Con veteran who owns comics stores on both coasts.

Dawson isn’t giving up on her acting career just yet, though. Her upcoming projects include Sin City 2, which begins shooting next year.

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