Atwood and Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper planned an epic prank for an environmental cause
Credit: Gabriel Olsen/Getty

He won our hearts when he turned his family’s living room into a giant ball pit, and now YouTube star Roman Atwood has teamed up for a surprising collaboration with epic results.

PEOPLE has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the video shoot where Atwood, 32, worked with Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper to shock four friends by running a car through almost 66,000 toilet paper tubes.

That number may seem random, but it was chosen because it is the number of tubes tossed away in the United States every two minutes!

“It’s a way to have fun and raise awareness about something that has a big impact on the planet,” says Atwood, whose YouTube channel has over 8.5 million subscribers.

But it’s also just a good time.

“I love doing big stunts like this,” says Atwood. “To see people’s faces when they happen is the best. And then to get to share that online and make people smile is even better!”

Atwood will also be producing three additional videos with Scott to encourage others to #TossTheTube.

Each supply of toilet paper tubes for the four stunts, demonstrating the impact tubes have on our world, will be recycled following the video shoot.