The clip is the work of slightly bitter YouTuber "isthishowyougoviral"
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty; Michael Ochs Archives/Getty

On Monday, while huge swaths of the U.S. were preparing and/or cowering from an endlessly hyped snowstorm, there was a little pocket of sunshine growing on the Internet.

And that little pocket is Rolf the Muppet singing Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend.”

The video is as advertised: Rolf tickles the ivories as he sings the 1989 mega-hit, with Miss Piggy making an appearance as the object of this Muppet’s affection. (Sorry, Kermit: It looks like you have some serious competition.)

There’s a slight hint of bitterness in the bio of the video’s creator, “isthishowyougoviral.”

“After over 5 years of being a Youtube Partner, and priding myself on creating nothing but original content, I decided it was time to follow the model of just about every Youtube star and make videos using stuff that I don’t own,” he writes, before attributing the videos to Mylo the cat and dropping an unprintable obscenity.

That tactic seems to have worked. The YouTuber has also assembled videos of Muppets singing The Beastie Boys and Naughty by Nature, which have accrued 1.1 million and 494,500 views, respectively.

Freezing Internet enthusiasts, meanwhile, should just be happy for the warmth he’s brought to an otherwise cold and wintry world.