Dennis Rodman, who is reportedly blond these days, abruptly canceled the launch party for his new in Washington D.C. last night, reveals The Washington Post. “The weather sucks. It’s cold, whatever,” he told the paper as it rained in the nation’s capital. “Maybe we’ll come back later.” The Post also says that promotion of the Web site, which for $19.95 a month permits subscribers to view Rodman’s bacchanals 24 hours a day, was not satisfactory to the former Chicago Bull, L.A. Laker and, briefly last season, Dallas Maverick. As for why he’s permitting videocams to invade his private domain to begin with, Rodman, 39, told The Post: “I think that people don’t really get the real Dennis Rodman. That’s the whole reason I did the whole thing. So people can see what really happens.” Stay tuned.