Former Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman is being sued for $10 million by actress Tina New, 30, who claims he raped her after they met in a Southern California bar last summer. “After unsuccessfully attempting to kiss plaintiff,” the lawsuit says, “defendant Rodman then grabbed plaintiff by her hips and legs, ripped the clothing off plaintiff and began physically throwing her around the bed.” According to the Orange County Register, New’s encounter with Rodman began when she attempted to leave a Newport Beach bar but was instead forced into Rodman’s car by one of his bodyguards and taken to the basketball player’s house, where a party was in progress. New, who has appeared on “Baywatch” and “Wings,” claims she accepted a drink “with considerable trepidation and some reluctance,” say her legal papers, which include a police report that says New believes she was “drugged.” “The accusation is false,” Rodman’s attorney, Paul Meyer, told the Associated Press yesterday. “This matter will be vigorously defended.”