Rockwell At It Again

Speaking of millionaires, garrulous groom Rick Rockwell, whom one media pundit on the “Today” show last week likened to Kato Kaelin in terms of his stature in contemporary pop culture, isn’t out of the news yet. The tarnished subject of the Fox Feb. 15 TV special “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” surfaced Friday on an online radio program. He said that, unlike his unconsummated honeymoon with his instant bride Darva Conger, the next time he goes looking for a wife there WILL be sex involved. “I’m going to take some test drives, dammit!,” Rockwell said on’s “Dan and Scott Show.” In fact, Rockwell is willing to get behind the wheel immediately. He instructed the radio hosts to have female listeners e-mail their bios and pictures to the station, so he can start dating again. “I’m gonna be single real soon,” said Rockwell, “and you can take up where Fox left off. You can be my new matchmakers.”

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