Rocking with the MTV Nominations

Yesterday’s announcement of the 17th annual MTV Music Video Awards nominations outside the cable network’s Times Square headquarters was almost as colorful as, well, a music video. In terms of those who appeared, *NSYNC — which, along with rapper Eminem, leads the nominations — caused the greatest commotion. The group’s Justin Timberlake confirmed that he was NOT getting married to Britney Spears, and that even the rumor about it threw him for a loop. On a different tangent, veejay Carson Daly spoke of the less-than-musical moments he expects of the upcoming awards ceremony: “I’m already dying to see what Lil’ Kim is going to wear.” This year’s hosts, “Scary Movie” stars Shawn and Marlon Wayans, admitted to feeling pressured about following the footsteps of last year’s host Chris Rock. As for the event’s venue, the show, to be broadcast live on Sept. 7, is returning to New York’s Radio City Music Hall after last year’s stop at Manhattan’s august Lincoln Center. “Legend has it,” said Van Toffler, who helped announce the nominations, “that Marilyn Manson left some large, spiked object in some unnamed diva’s dressing room, so we were likely not asked to come back.”

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