It took paramedics 30 minutes to remove the vacuum from the woman's head

By Kelli Bender
February 10, 2015 03:35 PM

Tired of sucking up stray hairs from the floor, one robot vacuum decided to rise up and feast straight from the source.

A woman in Changwon, South Korea, recently awoke from a nap to find her vacuum trying to slurp up her locks, reports UPI.

The 52-year-old was resting on the floor when the appliance attached itself to her hair. Unable to pull the machine off, the woman called emergency services for help breaking free. It took paramedics 30 minutes to separate vacuum from victim.

The rude wake-up call cost the woman about 10 strands of hair and a little bit of dignity.

“This case was quite special,” a Changwon Fire Service representative said. “We had seen weird things, but this was a very weird call that we received.”

According to The Telegraph, the unnamed model of vacuum involved in the attack mistook the woman’s loose hair for dust and debris.

These types of vacuums are designed to avoid large objects – like humans, pets and furniture – using sensors, but it appears the attached hair went undetected.

iRobot, the makers of popular robotic vacuum Roomba, responded to the incident stating, “The robotic vacuum cleaner that got tangled in the hair of a woman from Changwon, South Korea is not an iRobot product. The safety of our customers is paramount for iRobot, and all of the company s products undergo strict development processes and testing before going to market. This includes safety mechanisms in Roomba that deactivate its cleaning system when it is not placed on the ground.”

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