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August 09, 2017 12:26 PM

After years of overexposure thanks to his star-making turn in Twilight, Robert Pattinson values his privacy.

The actor appears on the September cover of GQ where he explained why he chooses to stay very quiet when it comes to his private life.

“I always think the risk reward is very much weighted in the wrong direction,” Pattinson, 31, said of opening up in interviews. “If I could stay silent, I would.”

Pattinson has been dating singer F.K.A. Twigs since 2014, and recently told Howard Stern they were “kind of” engaged. But when asked by GQ if he was getting married, the actor — who revealed he calls his girlfriend Twigs — responded with a noncommittal “eh.”

Daniel Jackson/GQ

Pattinson said that he went to therapy a few years ago – and his therapist commented that he was good at “talking without saying anything.” He said he uses that skill in all his interviews. The Good Time actor explained that he chooses to stay private so people don’t form ideas about his personality that may later change and label him as dishonest.

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“I want to be misunderstood,” he told the magazine after declining to talk about anything personal. “People are always changing, and the more you put something down in print, people form opinions and they’re constantly creating who they think you are. If you do something that contradicts that, or if you do something which goes out of that box, then you can look like a liar or something like that.”

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The actor also revealed the great lengths he’d go to during the height of the Twilight whirlwind to a little privacy. He recalled how he would have different cars parked around Los Angeles with a full change of clothes. If he noticed he was being followed by paparazzi, he would pop into the garages, change, and leave in a different car.

He would also try to confuse photographers by having all of his friends order different rides out of restaurants when they were together and sending the cars to different places after trading outfits with one of his friends. Pattinson also recalled riding in trunks several times to hide from the photographers – and once drove around all night when one was tailing him to find out where his new house is.

“There are ways to disappear, like, fairly easily,” he said. “It just involves effort, and most people can’t be bothered to put the effort in.”

Good Time hits theaters August 11.

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