The Scanner Darkly star inks a deal to write about his turbulent life

By Todd Peterson
Updated July 07, 2006 08:40 AM

Robert Downey Jr., whose struggle with addiction has been well-documented, has agreed to write a memoir detailing his ups and downs.

Downey, 41, signed a deal with an imprint of HarperCollins to produce the book, which is due to hit shelves in 2008, the Associated Press reports. According to the publisher, the book promises a “candid look at the highs and lows of (Downey’s) life and career.”

“He has an intelligence which shines through all his performances, revealing his intellect as well as his acting abilities,” HarperCollins executive Marjorie Braman told the AP. “His personal life, often at odds with his career, adds a layer of complexity to who he is.”

His personal trials have included drug and alcohol problems, prison time and a career roller coaster. Now sober, Downey married producer Susan Levin on Aug. 27, 2005, in Amagansett, N.Y. Wedding guest Joel Silver, who produced 2003’s Gothika, on whose set the couple met, told PEOPLE at the time that Levin’s insistence on clean living helped Downey “toe the line.” “She’s a tough cookie,” he said.

In Downey’s new movie, A Scanner Darkly, which opens Friday, he plays a drug user. But he said he didn’t worry about the role bringing back memories.

“It didn’t really go to that place,” he told the AP. “A good actor, I was always told, has aesthetic distance and doesn’t get too caught up in what he’s doing.”