By Stephen M. Silverman
August 27, 2001 12:58 PM

“Baretta” star Robert Blake, 67, who’s been keeping a low profile since the still-unsolved murder of wife Bonny Lee Bakley in May, has put his 4,909-square-foot Los Angeles-area home on the market for $1.09 million, according to the L.A. Daily News. He intends to move closer to his adult daughter in the San Fernando Valley, Blake’s attorney, Harland Braun, told the paper. (The daughter is reportedly helping Blake care for Rosie, his 14-month-old daughter by his slain wife.) Bakley was living in a guest house on Blake’s Studio City compound at the time she was shot to death on May 4 while she was sitting in Blake’s sports car about half a block away from Vitello’s restaurant in Studio City, where the couple had just dined. Police officials have made no arrests in the case and have said that Blake has not been ruled out as a suspect. His seven-bedroom, six-bath property officially went on the market Thursday. As for whether or not the shadows of Blake and Bakley will add to or distract from the value of the property, a local real estate agent, Olga Altieri of Century 21, told the Daily News: “Even though the person is a celebrity . . . things like violence (and) killing people could influence (the sale) of the house in a very bad way, because the future buyer is looking to have peace.”