Lohan's night-night appearance to plug her new film is canceled after her DUI arrest

By Mike Fleeman
Updated July 24, 2007 12:05 PM

Video courtesy of NBC

Lindsay Lohan‘s scheduled appearance on the Tonight Show Tuesday was canceled – replaced by Rob Schneider dressed in drag as Lohan, complete with an alcohol-monitoring bracelet.

“We had Lindsay Lohan booked on the show tonight, but apparently she was already booked,” host Jay Leno said in his monologue heavy with Lohan jokes. “It’s too bad about Lindsay. I thought our competition was Nightline and Letterman. Turns out it’s Cops and America’s Most Wanted.”

Lohan, who was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving Tuesday, had been set to be on the late-night talk show to promote her movie I Know Who Killed Me, but her appearance was canned after her arrest.

Schneider served as a last-minute replacement, appearing at the show’s taping in a blond wig, black dress and a black electronic alcohol-monitoring bracelet strapped around his leg, similar to the device that Lohan had worn after leaving rehab.

Lohan’s arrest comes just days after news broke she had signed on for a new movie. Last week she took tango lessons in preparation for Dare to Love Me, the romantic saga of a legendary Argentine tango dancer and the prostitute he loved. Production of the film, set in the 1920s, was scheduled to start in September in Romania with a 2008 release.

Despite the arrest, the film’s producers “are behind her,” says media consultant Michael Sands, who represents Bowline Productions.

Lohan had just secured bond insurance for her role. Such insurance, which is mandatory to get funding for a film, would indemnify producers if a performer is unable to complete his or her work.

Lohan had also been attached to a film called Poor Things with Shirley MacLaine, but filming had been shelved.