In a harassment lawsuit, the actor alleges it was the nanny – not his wife – who used a racial slur

By Ken Lee
September 11, 2008 05:45 PM
Ethan Miller/Getty

Rob Lowe fired back Wednesday at a former nanny accusing him and his wife of harassment, alleging it was the nanny – and not his wife – who used a racial slur and behaved inappropriately.

In a response to Laura Boyce’s claims against Lowe and wife Sheryl, the actor filed sworn statements in a Los Angeles Superior Court from people who knew and worked with Boyce.

“Laura would use the ‘n-word’ a lot when referring to her African-American friends and lovers,” Boyce’s former friend Noa Shaw said in her statement. “Laura was very open with her use of the ‘n-word’ in public.”

In addition, the president of Lowe’s production company, Jennifer Dynof, said in statement she had reprimanded Boyce “about her use of the (“n” word) around the children and the Lowe’s friends.”

Dynof also disciplined Boyce, 38, for openly taking about Boyce’s sex life in the Lowe household.

Boyce’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, told PEOPLE: “We will be filing our reply to (Lowe’s allegations) within five days and it will contain our response.”

Boyce sued the Lowes in April, alleging that Sheryl Lowe created a “sexually offensive and hostile work environment” by using the n-word to describe Boyce’s boyfriend and walking around “naked, completely exposing herself.” Boyce does not accuse Rob Lowe of direct sexual harassment but is holding him jointly responsible.

The actor faces a separate legal battle with former nanny Jessica Gibson, who filed a lawsuit against the Lowes on April 14.

The Brothers & Sisters star, 44, preemptively filed lawsuits against both women on April 7, claiming they violated their confidentiality agreements and spread lies about his family.

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