The actor's lawyer submits evidence alleging Jessica Gibson offered sex to the family tennis instructor

By Ken Lee
June 27, 2008 08:20 PM
NBC; Kathy Hutchins/Hutchins Photo

A former nanny who is accusing Rob Lowe of sexual harassment allegedly offered sex to the family’s tennis instructor, according to court documents released Friday.

In a sworn declaration, instructor Nigel Armstrong stated that Jessica Gibson “told me shortly after we first met [in mid-2005] that she was interested in me … She was very forward and did not seem concerned with being discreet.”

Armstrong, then 48, described an incident in the kitchen of the Lowe family home in London in which Gibson, then 22, was nude from the waist down and “invited me to have sex even though [the Lowes’ children] were in the general area. I was shocked by her audacity.”

Armstrong, who had a girlfriend at the time, says Gibson “would sneak me into the Lowe house to spend the night there … on three or four occasions.”

Armstrong says Gibson was upset that he would not take the relationship further and leave his girlfriend. “Jessica was taking the relationship with me more seriously … She would tell me that she loved me on a number of occasions.”

Another former employee, James Maclear, also stated in an affidavit that Gibson “had an overly flirtatious manner.”

Maclear, who was a private chef for the Lowe family, described an incident in which Gibson “changed into hot pants and was laying on the kitchen floor with her legs open in a very suggestive manner.” Maclear also stated that Gibson once invited him to join her in bed in the Lowe residence.

Both men described Gibson as having openly sung the Pussycat Dolls’ lyric “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me.”

In addition, Lowe’s wife Sheryl stated in the documents that “I believe Ms. Gibson sought attention from my husband.” She described two incidents in 2005 and 2008 in which Gibson allegedly asked Lowe to rub sun block on her in front of Sheryl. On both occasions, Sheryl says she stepped in to stop Gibson.

Also in 2005 in the London home, Gibson allegedly approached Lowe wearing only a towel after a shower, and apparently didn’t realize that Sheryl was nearby.

Lowe’s attorney, Larry Stein, had no comment, while Gibson’s attorney, Gloria Allred, said, “This appears to be an attempt to distract from the real issue, which is our allegations of sexual harassment by Rob Lowe of Jessica Gibson, and retaliation against her when she complained of it. When the smoke clears, this is what the case is about, and no amount of red herrings will distract the jury from deciding the issues. We’ll be filing our reply next week.”

The next hearing in the case is set for July 10.