“Antiques Roadshow” appraisers Russ Pritchard and George Juno have been removed from the high-rated PBS program after reports surfaced — and were then acknowledged by the show’s producers, Boston station WGBH — that the men staged an on-air appraisal of a rare Confederate sword during the show’s debut season in 1997. Supposedly found in an old attic, the sword was said to be worth $35,000 by the two appraisers. “I think they thought they were helping the show, but they were wrong,” Peter McGhee, a vice president at WGBH told the Associated Press. They will be edited out of all future shows and reruns. Juno, who owns an Allentown, Pa., antiques business, denied any wrongdoing. “There were no fake interviews,” he told the news service. “It was pressure put on the station by our competitors in an attempt to get us off the show.”