March 16, 2015 07:15 AM

Want to have a “Girls Night In?”

Rita Wilson hopes her new music video “inspires girls and women” to do just that.

Complete with cupcakes and wine, Wilson and her real-life girlfriends – including “Brave” singer Sara Bareilles – have a blast dancing around, playing games and sharing some laughs.

“I have always loved having my girlfriends over for dinner. Staying in, instead of going out, frees you up to be totally yourself. No judgments. No one watching,” Wilson, 58, tells PEOPLE. “You can be loud, crazy, cut loose. I wanted the song to convey that feeling of total fun you have when you are with your girlfriends and how there is no substitute for that.”

And the best part? While Wilson and her girls are enjoying themselves rocking out at home and letting loose, her husband, Tom Hanks, walks in to make a surprise appearance.

“I had thought about what would happen if Tom were to walk in during a real Girls Night In,” Wilson says about Hank’s cameo appearance, “and thought of how when you’re in that moment of utter hilarity, to you and your friends, what that might look like to someone walking into the setting right then.”

“Girls Night In” will be available to purchase online on iTunes and Amazon starting Tuesday, March 17.

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