These tunes will have you feeling golden
Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty

Flula is most definitely getting into the Olympic spirit.

Leading up to the big games in Rio, the online star has been interviewing Olympians for NBC – an outtake from his interview with Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps ran on Instant Friday.

But that’s not the only way the Pitch Perfect 2 actor is gearing up for the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday evening. He’s also put together a pup-up playlist exclusively for PEOPLE.

Whether you’re an Olympic swimmer or just a couch surfer, the ten tracks Flula has curated is guaranteed to pump you up for the big events about to kick off in Rio.

Here he explains why he chose the tracks (in his signature Flula style, of course):

"Crazy" – Gnarls Barkley
“In the History of Musik, only three songs never become annoy even when you play them 4,325 times. One of these tunes is this one. So: Feel pümped as the Tiny Man with Glasses sings this magikal musik!”

"Danger Zone" – Kenny Loggins
“If you are entering a Zone of Danger – or perhaps just a sauna or a cafeteria – this is a tune to give you the excites! Time to fly some jet maschines with gooses! (A Top Gun referense do you get it?)”

"Dance Yrself Clean" – LCD Soundsystem
“This track does start quiet like a library but then WATCH OUT HERE COMES DOPE BEAT! AND SYNTHESIZING SOLO! Oh yes you are pumped I know it.”

"Higher Ground" – TNGHT
“Do you know the power of the trombone instrument? No? Then drop ALL OF your items and aktivitys NOW and listen to THIS TRACK! These toots are magik.”

"Know How" – Young MC
“Yes yes yes, everyone is knowing the song ‘Bust The Move,’ but ‘Know How’ is the Young MC track that shall make your bootys shake and your brains explosion for all times!”

"Tiptoe Through The Tulips" – Tiny Tim
“Play this song if you want to pümp up, but too many humans are sitting around you. When humans near you hear this song they will immediately exit your area, and you will have more space to be pümped up! No kramping of your styles!!”

"Insane in the Brain" – Cypress Hill
“If a Song does speak about SPAM (the ‘meat,’ not the ‘important email from Thomas in Nicaragua”), then it is a song that must be used for pümping up. (Note: This song does speak about SPAM).”

"Sexyback" – Justin Timberlake
“I am not certain where the sexy was placed, but am very happy and pümped when I hear Herr Timberlake returning it.”

"Inside Looking Out" – Grand Funk Railroad
“I do not know if this railroad is existing, but this choo-choo band’s song is great for the pümping of up!”

"Schwule Mädchen" – Fettes Brot
“This legend rap group of Germany shall make you excite even if you are understanding zero of the words!”

Check out more of Flula’s NBC Olympics videos on his YouTube channel.