The singer remembers the 6-year-old as "very free, fun spirited"

By Joey Bartolomeo
February 08, 2010 11:40 AM
Credit: Dave Allocca/Startraks; Courtesy DKMS America

For Rihanna, Super Bowl weekend in Miami wasn’t all fun and games.

Friday night, the singer attended a kickoff party for Pepsi’s Refresh Project. The philanthropic drive offers financial support to charitable causes, and Rihanna, 21, is trying to raise money for DKMS Americas, the world’s largest non-profit marrow donor center.

It’s a cause close to the singer’s heart. Last year, she helped spread the word about a New York City mom in need of a transplant, as well as highlighted the need for more African-American donors after watching a video about young leukemia victim, Jasmina Anema.

Tragically, Jasmina, 6, lost her battle with the disease on Jan. 27.

“She was a very free, fun spirited little girl, full of energy, always happy, always energetic,” Rihanna said, the Associated Press reports. “I always remember she wouldn’t sit still. She was always running around, always had a smile on her face.”
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In a push for the Pepsi Refresh Project, Rihanna said, “If we win, this would really help us recruit 4,000 individual donors.”

To learn how to become a donor, please visit