True to form, the singer puts it all out there in T Magazine

Credit: Rindoff/Le Segretain/Getty

Just when you thought Rihanna had said it all, she gets even more intimate in a new interview.

The singer, 27, opened up to author and filmmaker Miranda July about her Google search history, the most attractive trait in a man and much more for T Magazine.

The intriguing piece comes as she ramps up for her performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and forthcoming eighth studio album, ANTI.

Keep reading for Rihanna’s most revealing quotes.

1. She has a lot of questions about giving birth.

Even though she doesn’t have plans to be pregnant anytime soon, Rihanna is concerned about how bearing a child would affect her body.

“Like I will be sitting around Googling childbirth,” she said. “Childbirth is putting it the not-gross way. I was searching the size of certain things, and how much they expand, and then what happens after.”

2. She’s the mastermind behind her Instagram account.

“That’s the only way it’ll actually work,” Rihanna said of posting to her account, which includes sexy Instagrams. “My fans can sniff the BS from very far away. I cannot trick them.”

3. She’s a ‘next-moment,’ not ‘in-the-moment,’ person.

“Only now are things hitting me, like I’m feeling them emotionally,” the singer explained. “I used to feel unsafe right in the moment of an accomplishment – I felt the ground fall from under my feet because this could be the end. And even now, while everyone is celebrating, I’m on to the next thing. I don’t want to get lost in this big cushion of success.”

4. She simply doesn’t have time for men.

“Guys need attention,” Rihanna said. “They need that nourishment, that little stroke of the ego that gets them by every now and then. I’ll give it to my family, I’ll give it to my work – but I will not give it to a man right now.”

5. Any guy who wants to be with Rihanna will need more than a pretty face.

“I’m turned on by guys who are cultured,” she said. “That’ll keep me intrigued. They don’t have to have a single degree, but they should speak other languages or know things about other parts of the world or history or certain artists or musicians. I like to be taught.”