Rihanna Has 'Hot' Chemistry with Maroon 5

The pop star says she couldn t resist working with the band because "Maroon 5 is dope"

Photo: Jemal Countess/WireImage

When Maroon 5 gave her a call, pop star Rihanna couldn t resist working with one of her favorite bands.

I was like, ‘Any song – I don’t care if it’s a song that I don’t like – I want to do it because Maroon 5 is dope,’ ” Rihanna told GMTV’s Carla Romano in a recent interview.

The feeling is mutual, assured Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, who collaborated with the sexy Barbados-born singer for the group’s next single, “If I Never See Your Face Again.”

“She’s obviously beautiful and talented and amazing, and I just thought, ‘Hey, there’s really no better choice. ‘ “

Levine and his bandmates found the chemistry on set nearly overwhelming.

“I always find it hard to concentrate, so she doesn’t make it any easier!” he said.

Rihanna also felt the vibes, she said. Asked to describe Levine in one word, she replied: “Hot!”

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