John Edwards's former mistress was in tears when she saw the magazine, according to The View co-host

By Tim Nudd
March 15, 2010 12:30 PM
Billy Farrell/PMc/Sipa; Jason Kempin/WireImage

Rielle Hunter is said to be upset with several somewhat racy photographs of her that accompany the long interview in the new issue of GQ in which she details her affair with John Edwards.

Speaking on ABC’s The View, co-host Barbara Walters said she had talked to Hunter, 45, on Monday morning, and that Hunter had “cried for two hours” upon seeing the images and deemed them “repulsive.”

Hunter trusted the photographer, Mark Seliger, to take classy photos, according to Walters. But several of them show Hunter lounging around in only a collared white dress shirt and no pants. “I went with the flow,” Walters quoted Hunter as saying.

There is one photo in which Hunter is wearing a shirt and sweatpants and holding her and Edwards’s daughter, Frances Quinn, 2. Walters said she also asked Hunter about the current state of her relationship with Edwards. Hunter replied: “We are co-parents and have a very loving relationship.”

Walters explained that she got to know Hunter last June, when the two met in the hopes of securing a TV interview.

Lisa DePaulo, who wrote the GQ article, said Monday that she spoke with Hunter Sunday night. “She said she liked the interview, but she had mixed feelings about the photos,” said DePaulo. “She loves the pictures of her and Quinn, but was definitely unsure about what she should have done about the other photos. I think in time she will come to see those photos as beautiful. I think it’s cool that’s she’s pretty and sexy.”
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Conde Nast, GQ‘s publisher, says they’re trying to reach the photographer and until then have no comment.