The documentary includes a music video featuring Welsey Stromberg and Megan Nicole singing U2's "ONE"
Credit: Getty

Ricki Lake is using the power of social media for good.

The former daytime talk show host is addressing the need for HIV/AIDS treatments with her new documentary titled #TreatmentForAll, which will premiere on Monday at 10:30 a.m. ET on Facebook, marking the first time a short form documentary has launched on the social media platform.

On the eve of World AIDS Day, Lake, 47, hopes to engage millions of followers to demand #TreatmentForAll and end HIV/AIDS using her eight-minute movie.

Also featured in the documentary is a music video by former X Factor star Welsey Stromberg and YouTube sensation Megan Nicole as well as appearances from social media influencers Sammy Wilkinson and Melvin Gregg, all of whom spent time with orphaned children affected by AIDS at Jacaranda School in Malawi.