Richard Simmons to Close His Iconic Exercise Studio in Los Angeles

Photo: Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Fans will only have until November to attend Richard Simmons‘ famed Beverly Hills, California exercise studio.

Simmons confirmed news of the closing on Facebook and Twitter Friday writing, “Some of you may have heard that Slimmons will close next month. While it is true, it has been an amazing part of my life to teach, meet and support people from all over the world.”

He concluded, “I want to thank everyone who has come through those studio doors to laugh, cry and sweat with me! Remember to keep sweatin’, keep movin’ and most importantly go out and Vote! Love Richard xo.”

The 68-year-old’s Slimmons Studio first opened in 1974 with the mission to be a space “where people smiled when they sweat and danced to the music,” Simmons described on his website.

As for the reason why the fitness guru is closing his establishment, his longtime manager Michael Catalano told Entertainment Tonight, “He just hasn’t taught there in over two years.”

In June, Simmons’ rep Tom Estey explained the reasons behind his client’s retreat from the spotlight. “[Richard] has decided to live quietly the last few years. He had knee surgery a few years ago and has a bum knee,” Estey told PEOPLE. “He is still on Twitter and Facebook and works behind the scenes continuing to inspire and motivate people to lose weight. When he decides to come back, he will come back. He just needed a break.”

Slimmons Studio will officially close its doors on Nov. 19.

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