By People Staff
Updated January 11, 2002 01:25 PM

After 11 years as Revlon’s main face, Cindy Crawford, 35, was phased out of the makeup conglomerate’s advertising campaign a year ago. The company said at the time that American women were tired of celebrities and sought a more accessible notion of beauty. But that was last year. Today, reports the Wall Street Journal, Revlon is back to famous faces. The company hired “Hannibal” star Julianne Moore, 40, in late November and this past Monday it signed waif-like model and actress (“Pearl Harbor”) James King, 22. In addition, on Tuesday it shot a TV commercial starring Halle Berry, 33. The renewed thrust with celebrities is “going to explain and announce a new Revlon,” Jeffrey Nugent, CEO of the New York-based company, told the Journal. In addition, during these troubled times, Revlon, possibly taking its cues from network television, is reaching into its past to attract members of the public. (CBS did it with Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball retrospective specials, and NBC just announced that it is doing a “Cosby” reunion.) Revlon is reviving an ad slogan from the ’80s, with a slight variation. The new-old slogan will be “Be Unforgettable.” (Two decades ago, the line went, “The most unforgettable women in the world wear Revlon.”) It replaces the more recent, “It’s Fabulous Being a Woman.”