Review Roundup: Ashley's Music Not Great – But Not Bad, Either!

The aspiring singer gets airplay, and now the critics have their say


The reviews are in – and Ashley Alexandra Dupré may just have a future in music.

In the days since she was first identified as “Kristen,” the 22-year-old at the center of the sex scandal that brought down New York Governor Elliot Spitzer is seeing her career as an aspiring singer skyrocket.

Her music is already getting airplay on New York radio. And critics are taking a deeper listen to songs on the music site Amie Street. The verdict? It’s not great – but no worse than a lot of pop music already out there.

“The truth is, Ashley Alexandra Dupré’s ditty, ‘What We Want,’ isn’t any more dire than scores of cuts cluttering up the nation’s dance clubs,” writes Jim Farber in Friday’s New York Daily News. “That may well say something worse about the state of dance-pop than it does about the quality of Dupré’s talent. Our good-time gal shows no less, or more, brilliance than Britney Spears did on her latest CD. It’s just that Dupré had infinitely less savvy producers to help fluff her up.”

Record industry execs seem divided on Dupré’s prospects.

“I think her song is absolutely terrible,” Chris Anokute, Capitol Records Senior A&R Director, told “If people are interested in signing her, then they shouldn’t be in the music business.”

But Atlantic Records’s Brian Bergen admits he’s intrigued. “I read [about Dupré] this morning and … I really wanted to reach out to her,” he told the music Web site. “I sit around hours and hours every day trying to figure out ways to break new artists. Right now, she has a platform to reach the masses.”

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