The 24 star was photographed stumbling out of a club – and being helped to his hotel

By People Staff
April 16, 2010 12:15 PM
Credit: WENN

Kiefer Sutherland started the night having drinks at a hotel bar – but by 4 a.m., the 24 star was photographed shirtless and stumbling on a London street.

According to reports, the actor was spotted drinking wine at the Covent Garden Hotel bar with a friend, where he stayed until 2 a.m. Next, he was driven to a nearby strip club, Stringfellow’s Gentlemen’s Club. Around 4 a.m., paparazzi captured the actor, who had since removed his shirt, being escorted out of the club by bouncers who held him in a headlock.

The owner of the club, Peter Stringfellow, wrote on the club’s Web site Friday, “Around about 3:15 a.m. [Sutherland] decided it would be very funny to take his shirt off. When it was explained to him very gently that that was the job of the girls and not the customers he burst out laughing. His friend thought that this would be a good time for them go home.”

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Stringfellow says the actor was taken out the back door to avoid photographers who had gathered outside the club. “One of the photos in the [newspaper] looks like my security guys got Kiefer in a headlock. That is NOT the case. They were just helping him into his car. Kiefer had slipped and the doorman tried to catch him and at the same time keep the photographers from taking photos.”

The actor was reportedly stumbling and falling all over the street – then was placed in his car and chauffeured back to his hotel.

A rep for the Sutherland, 43, had no comment.

In 2007, the actor was arrested on a misdemeanor drunk-driving charge, and he failed his field sobriety test. He pleaded no contest to the charge and served 48 days in jail during the Hollywood writers’ strike, which interrupted filming of his Fox show 24. Sutherland was also arrested for a DUI in 2004.

In May 2009, Sutherland surrendered to police after headbutting a fashion designer, Jack McCollough, at a New York party, where he was chatting with Brooke Shields. Police eventually dropped all the charges.