Rep: Swayze's Daily Routine Unchanged

The actor is undergoing chemotherapy, not radiation, for his cancer, says his publicist

While Wednesday’s statement on the condition of Patrick Swayze from his physician, Dr. George Fisher, did not go into the specific treatment that the actor is receiving, Swayze’s rep did offer some additional information.

Swayze is currently undergoing chemotherapy – not radiation – and he has not lost his hair (which can sometimes happen as a result of chemo), the star’s publicist, Annett Wolf, tells PEOPLE.

She added that, for the time being, there is no way to gauge how long the treatment is expected to last.

Furthermore, contrary to some reports, Swayze was not diagnosed in January (following a gastrointestinal ultrasound procedure), but far more recently.

In addition, she said, Swayze’s daily routine has remained unchanged, and his doctors are extremely optimistic regarding his prognosis.

The good news, Wolf emphasized, is that the cancer has not spread.

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