Rep: Delta Burke Is 'Not' in Psych Ward

The former Designing Women star is in a clinic to "adjust medication"

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Delta Burke has not checked into a psychiatric facility, a rep for her husband, clarifying earlier reports, tells PEOPLE.

“Delta is in a clinic – not a psych ward – to adjust medication,” said Henri Bollinger, the press rep for Burke’s husband Gerald McRaney. “This is something she does once or twice a year.”

He added that the former Designing Women star, 51 suffers from a “number of conditions” including depression, high blood pressure and diabetes.

On Wednesday, stories circulated that the actress had checked into a psychiatric hospital for obsessive-compulsive disorder and “hoarding.” “The tabloids have blown it up as if she’s landed in a mental institution,” Bollinger said. “It’s not true.”

The rep said it’s not clear how long Burke will remain at the facility. “Based on past experience, it’s anywhere from three days to two weeks,” he explained, adding that the drug-evaluation process is complex. “They eliminate everything and then monitor her as they reintroduce the same drugs or new drugs, then see how she responds.”

Burke – best known for her role as Suzanne Sugarbaker on Designing Women – was most recently seen in the Hallmark Channel’s Bridal Fever. She and McRaney (of Major Dad fame) have been married for 18 years.

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