Renée Zellweger Not Big On 'The Scene'

"If I see the scene once a year, that's more than plenty," says the shy Oscar winner


For Renée Zellweger, peace and quiet are golden.

“I’m not a big scene girl,” the Cold Mountain Oscar winner, 38, tells Harper’s Bazaar for its December issue. “If I see the scene once a year, that’s more than plenty.”

A perfect night for Texas-born Zellweger? Staying in and watching CNN, apparently. Newscaster “Anderson Cooper would probably be involved at some juncture,” she says.

Or, if she goes out, then she opts for drinking a Margarita by herself at her favorite restaurant in the Hamptons, the Palm, “or a really nice Christmas party,” she says – also noting that she’s great at self-control.

“I’m very proud that I’ve not been to Betty Ford [for rehab] yet,” she says.

Another favorite pastime? As she tells the magazine, which describes her as shy: “I love to go to somebody’s house when it gets a little bit later and there’s dancing and laughter and nobody’s pointing to the weird actor girl in the corner.”

And while she’s been linked to Jim Carrey, Jack White, George Clooney and was married to Kenny Chesney (although for only four months, in 2005), Zellweger discusses where she currently sits on the relationship curve: “Oh, there’s no curve. I’m busy. I’m so busy catching up with the people I miss when I’m working that I’m not busy missing someone.”

She adds, “That’s it. I’m not sad about it, not at all.”

But that was earlier this year. By late September, when the interviewer caught up with Zellweger again, there had been rumors she’d been dating Paul McCartney, 65 (who more recently has been keeping company with Barbara Walters’s cousin, Nancy Shevell).

Asked about the former Beatle, Zellweger says, “My God, that’s like new news! But I have to say, I’m not disappointed. He’s as lovely as I expected.”

And while she also says “I’m not single, I’m busy,” she doesn’t really say not single and busy with whom.

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