Regis Philbin became the latest target of labor activists on Friday, when a group marched into Macy’s flagship store in New York condemning the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” host for his alleged association with a clothing manufacturer that pays Guatemalan sweatshop workers $3 a day. The demonstrators gathered in front of a store display offering a $77.50 cotton shirt and satin tie ensemble that is part of the newly launched Regis shirt-and-tie line for Van Heusen. The charges put Regis in the same league with his “Live!” cohost Kathie Lee Gifford, who came under fire for her own line of clothing. (Gifford denies being a sweatshop queen but has acknowledged that that her line of blouses is made by women earning 60 cents an hour, the going rate in their native El Salvador.) Bruce Klatsky, CEO of Van Heusen, called the new charges “ridiculous” and told the New York Post that the Regis line is not made in Guatemala, but “in the good old U.S.A. — Ozark, Ala.”