Record Holder for Oscar Losses Gives Secret to Success

Photo: Dennis Van Tine /Landov

Sunday night could mark the end of Oscars’ greatest losing streak. Sound mixer Kevin O Connell heads to the show with his 20th nomination (for Transformers) with zero wins. While he hopes to end the losing tradition, his Oscar routine will not vary. He shares his game-day secrets:

Fit into the tuxedo (again): “I was rental guys for several Oscars. I bought my first tux after my 10th nomination. I am on my second Armani. The great thing about Armani is that the material stretches a little bit.

Find a good luck charm: “I’ve had them all – the good luck penny, the lucky underwear, the lucky tie, the lucky shirt. This year I was at an award luncheon and I won two blue and white costume earrings, I said this is the first time I have ever won anything. Now they’re my good luck charms.”

Prepare a speech no matter what: I put some serious thought into it. I’ve never really given as much as this year.”

Keep distracted: “I stay away from everything from the L.A. Times to the television – the pre-awards shows make me nervous. I play with the kids. Exactly 45 minutes before I am to leave I jump in the shower, I know that’s how much time it takes. Then I can start thinking about it.”

Set up the post award drink: “When we hear the words ‘and the Oscar goes to (not my name),’ a lot of us in the sound community get up at the commercial break and go to the same bar every year. I have a grey goose straight up with a twist. We put it all behind us and then go back. This year, I hope it’s a celebratory drink!”

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