Rebel Wilson Reveals She Gained Weight to Get More Famous – and Sheds Pounds When She Doesn't Have Roles

The star talked to The Telegraph about life in the spotlight.

Photo: AXELLE WOUSSEN/Bauergriffin/Splash News Online

Rebel Wilson wants to be more than “Fat Amy.”

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the Australian actress opened up about her weight issues – and how it has affected her career.

At one point during the interview, Wilson talked about noticing that a “bigger” girl with similar comedy chops was getting more laughs than she was. “And I remember distinctly thinking: ‘I think it’s because she’s fatter,'” she said. “And then, I don’t know if it was mega-conscious, but I thought: ‘How can I get more laughs? Maybe if I was a bit fatter…’ And then suddenly I was fatter, and doing comedy.”

She also opened up about a hormonal imbalance she has that makes it easier for her to gain weight quickly.

But, that doesn’t mean she can’t shed the pounds when she wants to.

“I’ll take six months off, and just do a total transformation. But then, so many people go: ‘Don’t you do it!’ But I think: ‘Why not?’ ” she told The Telegraph.

Wilson said she has turned any insecurity about her shape into an atypical career “advantage.”

“I saw my size as being an advantage, whereas so many women see it as a disadvantage,” she said.

This is not the first time Wilson has spoken out about her weight. Last year, she spoke to Australia’s Daily Life about the demand for female comedians to be a certain size.

“Bigger girls do better in comedy,” she said. “I don’t know why. Maybe because people find it easier to laugh. It’s very hard to laugh at someone who’s very attractive, I think. And normally those people don’t have a great personality anyway.”

She also said that while she wouldn’t mind losing weight, it’s unlikely that it will happen.

“I do have these dreams, like, ‘What if I just went to a health farm and lost 50 kilos [110 lbs.]?” she told the Daily Life. “What would happen? Would it affect my career?’ But then I think, that’s never going to happen.”

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