WATCH: Where Are Rebel Wilson and Keegan-Michael Key Road Tripping – with Nunchucks?

Watch Rebel Wilson and Keegan Michael Key's installment of the new ad campaign "Jordan and Chelsea's Booking Wedding"


Who wants to take a road trip with Rebel Wilson and Keegan-Michael Key? And some nunchucks?

The two comedians star in the second installment of‘s new U.S. ad campaign, “Jordan and Chelsea’s Booking Wedding,” for which they’re planning a road trip to Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti’s (fictional) wedding (Peele and Peretti recently eloped).

PEOPLE has your first look at Wilson and Key’s pre-wedding attendance antics.

The spot revolves around the Keanu star driving to pick up the Pitch Perfect actress for their road trip. Wilson surprises Key in a tuxedo jogging suit (a black jogging suit with a tuxedo printed on it) and with a pair of nunchucks swinging.

When Key presents Wilson with a binder with their road trip itinerary, Wilson promptly knocks it to the ground with her ‘chucks and convinces Key to ditch his plan for hers, which includes staying at range hotels, cabins and teepees.

Look for Wilson and Key’s new ads to begin airing on Wednesday.

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