She and Jerry O'Connell are feeling "relaxed" and "tan" after their wedding and honeymoon

By Sara Hammel
Updated July 27, 2007 07:00 AM

Even though Rebecca Romijn was due back at work the Monday after her July 14 wedding to Jerry O’Connell, the couple refused to postpone the honeymoon.

Their solution: take the wedding trip first, head down the aisle later.

“I highly recommend to anyone that’s getting married to take the honeymoon first,” Romijn told PEOPLE at the ABC Television Critics Association party in Beverly Hills on Thursday night. “We got to spend a great deal of time together before we got married relaxed and with a tan.”

The pair, who were at the event to boost their respective ABC shows (she stars on the Emmy-nominated Ugly Betty while he’s on the fall comedy Carpoolers), managed two weeks off to bask in a pre-wedding glow.

“We spent the first few days out in Montauk [on New York’s Long Island] with Jerry’s parents, and then we went down to Mexico for nine days,” Romijn said. “It was the way to do it, and at the wedding we had butterflies, but every time we talked about it for the weeks leading up to it, we just felt so warm and excited.”

Romijn, 34 and O’Connell, 33, were wed in an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles before 100 family and friends. Still, jumping back into work, says Romijn, was a good thing, given that she developed a small case of post-wedding blues.

After the festivities, “We both had the day off Tuesday, and we were driving around going ‘What do we get ready for now?’ ” Romijn recalled. “And then we realized we both were starting to suffer from post-wedding depression. And the good news is, when you have to go back to work, you jump right back into your routine and that’s that.”

The actress tells PEOPLE she’s keeping Romijn as her stage name, though she joked that she has considered “just taking the ‘O’ ” and changing her name to “Rebecca O’ Romijn” – in honor of her husband’s Irish heritage.

Reporting by MONICA RIZZO