'Life' Star Rebecca Ferguson Opens Up About Helping to Save a Woman's Life: 'I Kind of Just Knew What to Do'

The Life star opens up to PEOPLE Now about the time she helped saved a woman's life on an airplane

Rebecca Ferguson isn’t afraid to jump into action if lives need saving — even if most of her medical knowledge comes from TV.

Ferguson, who’s starring in the new space thriller Life, opened up to PEOPLE Now about the time she helped saved a woman’s life on an airplane.

“The woman behind me got some kind of a seizure,” remembered the actress. “And something happened — either I’d watched a lot of House or ER, but I kind of just knew what to do.”

Ferguson said she instructed the woman to lay down and put her legs up. She also told the fly attendants to give her orange juice instead of water because “the C vitamin is very good for your body.”

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She finally realized she was over her head when she started to think about taking the woman’s pulse, and thought to herself, “No I’m not a doctor. Stop it, Rebecca. You’re just an actress.”

Fortunately, the woman was fine — Ferguson thinks the seizure had something to do with the altitude. She also noted that no one recognized her during the ordeal.

Life, also starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds,hits theaters March 24.

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